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The Power of Collaboration will unleash your organisation’s creative spirit
— Brett Milne


In an increasingly complex and dynamic business environment how you create value matters. Customers want to be part of your value creation process and it is almost impossible to create new value without the help of other business partners. Collaborating with other firms to build new products, services and experiences is the new norm.  Collaboration Hub brings together years of value creation experience and research to help your firm transition to a more collaborative approach to value creation.  


Upcoming Events



Value Creation Workshop

Learn the process of successfully building new business value by collaborating with customers and your business network. Our two day workshop will help you develop a culture and framework against which your organisation can build new value. Learn how to staff the role of collaboration coordinator and understand the dynamics of taking on the responsibility of the Hub firm in the collaboration and value creation processes. 


Collaboration Packages

Unsure how to go about starting a collaborative co-creation exercise? Our Collaboration Packages are tailored to provide a range of support options, including advisory, support or leadership


Buy our Books

At collaboration Hub we have written an easy to follow guide to help you work through your first few collaborative value creation projects. We have also identified a number of books which will help you in your leadership journey.