Is consensus paralyzing innovation processes in your firm

Many firms operate very rigid innovation frameworks that are stymied by analysis, process and consensus. These work against models of successful innovators which rely on Speed, fluidity, collaboration and intuition.

Firms with highly structured processes normally start off well but ideas soon become the victims of declining motivation and an inability to maintain momentum. Against this environment firms adopt an incrementalist approach to innovation rather than the disruptive approach that questions their core foundations of success. This failure to engage in creative destruction results in incremental differentiation which most often leads to irrelevance and ultimately a highly dysfunctional engagement with the market. This approach also leads to extensive market me tooism.

The answer to successful innovation is to engage in collaborative creation whereby you engage customers and partners who can help to maintain excitement and challenge the conventions and need for internal consensus.

Remember consensus is about finding the middle ground, unfortunately sometimes survival requires you move the entire battlefield, and not everyone will be comfortable or suitable to make the shift.

Brett Milne