The safe path to no where….

The eye that looks ahead to the safe course is closed forever. – Frank Herbert</

The conservatives illusion is that there is no more opportunity for change, that we are in a state of equilibrium and that climate change, poverty and so on are abound are very difficult and complex that requires great intellect to solve. Except that technology is driving change in our society at an enormous pace. The printing press took 400 years to influence a large part of the population, television 40 years, mobile phones 6 years and social media 3 years. A big mistake society makes is thinking that the last technology investments they make will support them through a generational period. With innovation in a variety of technologies occurring at a rapid rate, the results are a series of perfect storms that enable technology to assist our business to take large step forward on a more regular basis.

Traditional change models no longer work, because the rapid change environment that now pervades much of our society, is about configure not develop. We have to decide which lens to use when viewing the world around us.

The secret to tomorrows innovations will be the ability to collaborate and bring together the right competencies.

Brett Milne