Q: Are collaboration hub workshops organisation specific?

A: They can be run at an organisational level if that is what suits the need of the organisation, however we recommend that the workshop is run in conjunction with partners in a possible. 

Q: Do project managers make good Collaboration coordinators?

A: Good collaboration coordinators can arise from any number of people in an organisation, the critical elements of a good collaboration coordinator are good project coordination, interpersonal, negotiation and facilitation skills.

Q: What role does collaboration hub play in a value creation process?

A: Our preference is to have our clients lead the value creation process, however if all the participants in the collaboration are lacking a particular set of skills, capabilities or capacity we can assist more broadly .

Q: when is the best time to engage others in a collaboration?

A: Our workshops and packages can guide you through the end to end process of identifying an opportunity, motivating and enlisting partners and managing the collaboration process.