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Let us help you build your collaboration capability


Collaboration Capability

Developing new business value is our passion and the very reason for our professional existence. While having the ability to successfully collaborate is a capability every business needs, we understand that for many organisations this way of building new business value can be a confronting challenge. We have built a series of business support packages that will help your firm transition to the new value creation paradigm.



  • Business Advisory 
  • Business Support 
  • Collaboration Leadership 

Business Advisory


Business Advisory

About to embark on a collaborative value creation process for the first time, or your in the middle of a collaboration and you want some support and guidance as you go through the process. Our business advisory services will provide a sounding board and a review process to give you the confidence that your collaboration and co-creative processes are effectively managed



  • Process and approach reviews
  • Check-point reviews
  • Initiation support
  • Post collaborative reviews
  • Mentoring



Business Services


Business Services

Building co-creative collaboration capability requires an investment in time and energy, however you might not have time to wait until your organisation and your partners can build new value on your own. Our business services provide you and your partners with access to some key skills while you build the capability in your organisations.



  • Collaboration coordination
  • Collaboration project establishment
  • Process review
  • Key Resource Mentoring



Collaboration Leadership

Unsure how to start, you have an idea and potential collaboration partners but not sure what to do next. Our collaboration leadership package will add us as extension to your collaborative partnership and we will work as part of your team to help you convert your idea into business value.



  • Collaboration Coordinator
  • Collaboration Hub Firm
  • Project Resources
  • Capability Transfer

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